The Phenome One suite supports all stages of the breeding process and variety testing, including germplasm development and pedigrees, designing of breeding fields, manage selections, crosses and observations.

Using the system, breeders and variety testers are able to load their current and historical data, establish and design new breeding trials and fields, collect data from the field to the system using an Android mobile application, and analyze it statistically.

For Plant Breeders

The Phenome One Suite supports all stages of the plant breeding process, including germplasm development and pedigrees, design fields, observations, data collection in the field and advanced analysis.

For Variety Testers

The Phenome One Suite for Variety Testers assists variety testers across the entire process: management of varieties; field design for strip and replicated trials; mobile data and image collection; and analysis.

For Academic Research

Project Unity, which is free for academic use, connects your genotypes, phenotypes and markers to common ontologies and maps, across a wealth of research data from leading universities.

Phenome One for Breeding Process Management


Breeding Process Management

Phenome One implements an organized process to easily manage your breeding data and to get the most out of it.


Better analytics, Better outcomes

Apply statistics and visualization with Phenome One to discover the trends and information you need for smart breeding


Mobile data entry

Use Phenome One’s android app to collect data, observations and images in the field, using a tablet or smartphone with seamless integration into your main Phenome One systems or into a spreadsheet.