PhenoTop is PhenomeOne’s new mobile application for smartphones and tablets (supporting iOS and Android devices). It is designed for offline and online data collection in fields, such as observations and selections, including images.

Fields are designed in the main system and then shared with relevant information to the mobile device. Thus, data can be collected offline and online and automatically and constantly synchronized when connected to the internet. The synchronization status is displayed for every field.

PhenoTop displays a list of shared fields with users’ mobile devices, including plots and plant information. The ‘Plot profile’ screen shows the Germplasm planted in each plot and supporting information, like photo gallery, observations, selections, and plants. This simple workflow platform allows easy and constant upload of new comments and info, browsing, and editing. It features advanced sorting and filtering tools with a modern look and feel. PhenoTop allows accessing plots using a barcode reader, thus speeding up and facilitating data collection. This user-friendly App makes evaluations as fast and as efficient as possible.

Speech-to-text for Text Variables
We are happy to inform you that the new data collection generation is here!
PhenoTop now supports the speech-to-text feature for text variables, saving you time and typos.
Useful for long comments:
Easily record yourself; your comment will appear as text on mobiles and the web.