Our Team

Dr. Yaniv Semel

CEO and Co-Founder
Through Phenome I can express my passion for innovation

Omer Harari

Executive Chairman

Alla Felder

Chief Financial Officer
Finances and People are always on my mind

Eric (Erez) Atzmon

VP Business Development
As an avid Squash player for the past 25 years (Silver medal at the 22nd. Maccabiah – the Jewish Olympics), I bring the same set of characteristics to the business arena – intensity, commitment, goal orientation, planning, and striving for excellence.

Dana Zoldan

Head of Customer Service
Success is not achieved alone; it is the result of a united team working together towards a common goal, where each member's unique strengths and contributions elevate us to new heights.

Tzvika Fraiman

Development Manager
Everything is doable with enough coffee.

Tamar Veg Ariav

Product Manager
Think positive
Be positive
and positive things will happen

Liron Ballas

Marketing Manager
I am a HERE and NOW kind of person and I express this quality each day at work.

Yael Semel

Sales and Support Partner, Italy, Spain and Australia
I'm a people person, I like to work in a team and I have good solving problem skills.

Forrest Glaser Jackson

Senior Business Development Executive
“The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” — Winston Churchill

Lilac Markevitch.

Bookkeeper & Payroll Accountant
I love it when my work integrates with my colleague's work harmoniously and creates a complete support system for customers and suppliers.

Efrat Cohen

Automation Developer
The quality of our products motivates me. My wish is that our customers will enjoy them from the very first moment.

David Ratz

Lead Programmer
David is doing whatever needs to be done.

Elad Bensal

Data Science Statistics and Programming
Elad has a great enthusiasm and passion to numbers, statistics and solving complex problems.

Moria Pollack

Full Stack Developer

Amnon Grossberger

Senior Account Manager
I believe decisions are best when the data is valid and organized. Eventually, my job is to help you make better breeding decisions.

Yamit Barzellai Vaks

Product Owner
Leading world-changing products with enthusiasm and a smile.

Rafael Knafo

Account Manager

Tami Argov

Quality Assurance Tester
I will make sure that there are no bugs in the system and you'll take care of the field, ok?

Itay Blasbalg

IT and Security
Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what you are doing, you will be successful.

Tom Apkiewicz

Full Stack Developer
My goal is to build technology solutions that generate a positive outcome in society.

Gili Shapira

Account manager
I am passionate about both people and problem-solving, I find joy in the dynamic interaction between them.

Michael Vaisman

Application specialist

Avishag Attar

Account manager.


Shifka Seigel

Project Manager, Technology Scout, Ag Specialist
Strong passion for consulting and connecting people that are innovative with a focus on Agriculture and Environmental issues.

Thirth Siddaramegowda

Account manager and representative in the Indian market
Data-driven approaches play a pivotal role in unlocking the full yield potential of new crop varieties when farmers make planting decisions

Dr. Surinder K. Tikoo

Co Founder & Director Research Breeding & Dev
Tierra Seed Science Pvt. Ltd. India
Passionate about using modern tools to sharpen and speed up breeding progress.


Avi Semel


Prof. Dani Zamir

Co-Founder and Chief Scientist
Our Inspiration

Gideon Soesman

Co-Founder and Management Partner
GreenSoil Investments
Hoping to make an impact by investing in great people and sustainable businesses.