Namdhari Seeds, One of India’s Largest Seed Companies, Chooses Phenome Networks for Plant Breeding Management

Software-as-a-Service will be used throughout all stages of Namdhari Seeds’ plant breeding process to improve planning, designing and selection of varieties.

Tel Aviv, Israel and Bangalore, India – Phenome Networks, a software-as-a-service plant breeding management software and analytics company, announced today that its Phenome One Plant Breeding Management solution was chosen by Namdhari Seeds, one of India’s largest seed companies. Namdhari Seeds will use the Phenome Networks product to manage its breeding process from start to finish. It will use the system to design fields and plots for variety testing, collect data using the PhenomeApp, and to perform analytics and statistical analysis to discover new and better breeds, matching phenotypes with genotypes.

“We expect Phenome Networks’ solution to enable an even more organized and efficient plant breeding process. We chose the system for its depth yet simple and intuitive statistical analysis. We believe that has the power to generate better seed breeds and streamline our process. Good seeds are important to the livelihood and prosperity of the farmer and those he feeds, and Phenome One will greatly assist us in the process of variety development”, said Dr. N. Anand, Director of Research and Development at Namdhari Seeds.

Phenome One’s Breeding Process Management module supports all stages of the breeding process, including germplasm development and pedigrees, designing of breeding fields, manage selections, crosses and observations. Using the system breeders are able to load their current and historical data, establish and design new breeding trials and fields, collect data from the field to the system and analyze it statistically. Phenome One also scans the data and provides new insights and findings on the data. Recommendations produced by the system assist in making better decisions and pinpoint promising selections and crosses that could lead to new and better varieties. In many cases these varieties could not be identified otherwise.

“Namdhari Seeds is an innovator and leader in its market and globally, producing an amazing variety of seeds and varieties. We are honored to be selected by them as their plant breeding management provider” said Yaniv Semel, Co-Founder and CEO of Phenome Networks.

About Phenome Networks
Phenome Networks Ltd. ( provides a state of the art bio-informatics platform that organizes the wealth of genotype-to-phenotype data generated in the plant breeding process and genetic research in commercial companies and academic institutes. The platform allows extracting knowledge and insights that accelerate plant breeding. The burst of genotyping technologies in recent years has the potential to transform the way traditional breeding is conducted. The company’s strategy is to supply novel statistical methods and algorithms to assist its customers in coping with these changes and translating big data problems into smart decisions.
About Namdhari Seeds

Namdhari Seeds Pvt. Ltd. (, is a Breeder, Producer, and Distributor for quality vegetable and field crop hybrid seeds. Namdhari Seeds is committed to development of high quality vegetable and field crop varieties with better yield, disease resistance and adaptability to various agro climatic conditions. Namdhari Seeds was founded in 1985 by Mr. Uday Singh and is headquartered in Bangalore, India. The company has also expanded into South East Asian countries like Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia, and has operations in the Middle East including Egypt and Turkey.