Phenome Networks integrates KeyGene’s breeding optimizer in PhenomeOne software package for breeders

PhenomeOne users now get access to KeyGene’s powerful algorithm through our new
PhenoGene module and KeyGene’s decision support tool is now available to a large audience. The implementation of the algorithm through PhenomeOne software makes it very easy to use and allows breeders to build various scenarios in just minutes and evaluate them based on time, cost and complexity.

Our team is thrilled to introduce the new PhenoGene module to breeders and hear their feedback.

“Based upon KeyGene’s breeding optimizing algorithm, Phenome Networks now offers a new decision support tool to optimize breeding strategies for any crop within their PhenomeOne software. The module, PhenoGene, enables breeders to design the ideal plant, the so-called ideotype, based on genetic trait information from multiple parents, and calculates the fastest and most efficient breeding schedule to combine favorable traits from multiple parents into a single variety or parental line.”

Read the full Press Release in KeyGene’s website