Israel Prize Awarded to Hebrew University Professor Dani Zamir for His Agricultural Research

dani and his teamWe are proud to share that Professor Dani Zamir, Phenome Networks’ co-founder and member of the board of directors, for receiving the respectful Israel Prize in the field of agriculture research for his great achievements in plant breeding and developing resistant varieties in tomato and other crops.

Rehovot, Israel– February 2, 2020

About the Israel Prize

The Israel Prize is the most prestigious award in Israel, given to those who displayed excellence in their field or contributed significantly to Israeli culture. Since 1953 it has been presented every year on the eve of Israel’s Independence Day, in the presence of the President, Prime Minister, the Speaker of the Knesset and the Supreme Court President. It has been previously awarded, among others, to A. B. YehoshuaGolda MeirAmos OzLeah Goldbergthe Israel Philharmonic Orchestra and the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum.

About Professor Dani Zamir

Dani Zamir is a Professor of Plant Genetics at the Robert H. Smith Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environment at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His research focuses on the genetics and breeding of tomato, lisianthus, and fragrant roses. Through the use of mapped exotic genetic resources, marker-assisted selection and positional cloning his university-based lab explore genomic assisted methods to improve crop breeding. In 2008 he established Phenome Networks together with Yaniv Semel and his lab uses the PhenomeOne platform on a daily basis.

The Israel Prize for agricultural research and environmental science is being awarded to Prof. Dani Zamir, the Education Ministry announced Sunday for his achievements in the identification of genes and mechanisms for crop productivity.

Click here to read the article published at Haaretz newspaper – Israel News on Monday, February 17, 2020.