Introducing “Insights” – Phenome’s State-of-the-Art Analysis Module

We’re thrilled to introduce “Insights,” our advanced analysis and data visualization module, designed to extract valuable knowledge from data collected through our mobile app, PhenoTop, and our core software, PhenomOne. This module is specifically designed to compare germplasm (varieties) across a spectrum of environments or within replicated trials. The user can easily filter and compare between various programs, years, and locations. Results are displayed as interactive charts, supporting zoom-in and out, filtering and sorting, removing outliers, calculating significant differences, with an immediate response to user action.

With its capacity for swift, on-the-fly calculations, “Insights” delivers a diverse range of analyses accompanied by visually impressive charts. The user can analyze both individual traits and combinations of traits, identify significant differences, conduct ANOVA tests, assess the impact of the environment on various varieties, and more. These capabilities facilitate such decisions as determining which varieties to advance to the next stage and identifying the germplasm that best suits specific environments.

Whether you’re exploring diverse environments or conducting trial replications, Phenome’s cutting-edge analysis module is poised to elevate your analytical endeavors with real-time calculations and a versatile array of analytical tools.

To delve deeper into the capabilities of this groundbreaking module, we invite you to schedule a demonstration and discover more about its functionalities.