Impressed ASTA convention in Orlando

At the recent ASTA convention in Orlando, Eric (Erez) Atzmon, Vice President of Business Development, presented on the importance implementing a modern data management platform for representatives of seed companies.”I was honored to present at the latest ASTA convention in Orlando, sharing insights on the significance of a “new-age” data management platform for seed companies.
Public speaking has always been a personal passion of mine, and having the chance to discuss a subject that genuinely inspires me made the experience exceptionally rewarding.

The opportunity to address a global audience on data management’s critical role in the seed industry was both fulfilling and impactful. Discussing the importance of robust data practices in enhancing efficiency and success within the industry allowed me to contribute valuable insights. I relished highlighting the crucial role of data in achieving research success. As the saying goes, “Garbage in – Garbage out,” emphasizing the importance of quality data became a focal point, contributing to the overall success of the event.

Our newest module, properly called “Insights”, provides a valuable tool for analyzing and graphically presenting statistical calculations in a way that crystallizes real knowledge from the data and I am optimistic that the shared knowledge will positively influence the industry’s future, fostering advancements in data practices and ultimately contributing to the growth and success of seed companies globally.”