Support every step of your breeding workflow with Phenome One Suite

The Phenome One platform transforms traditional plant breeding by organizing the wealth of data generated in the plant breeding process. It assists plant breeders to make better decisions in terms of which selections and crosses to make, in order to maximize chances to find new and better varieties.

Phenome One supports all stages of the breeding process, from crossing to selections and evaluations, and is suitable for field crops, vegetables and ornamentals. It provides quick and simple procedures to track and trace data, and has the industry’s best data analytics and mobile application – fully integrated.

Phenome One is web based and very user friendly: unlike traditional breeding systems, it is a “single page application” that is easy to use, understand and navigate, and doesn’t include complicated menus and pages.

Phenome One is being used by leading companies and academic institutions.

Manage your Germplasm and Observations

  • Easily upload your current and historical data
  • Simply drag and drop selected files, lines or items
  • Follow and record the pedigree of the genetic material
  • Efficiently document your observations and genetic material
  • Create and manage pedigree charts

Setting up Field Trials

  • Structured workflow for creating field and breeding trials
  • Save time with automatic naming of your lines
  • Plan crosses and create selections efficiently
  • Reduced errors when designing your field and plots
  • Barcode label reports, field map report

Collect Observations with PhenomApp

  • Record phenotypes digitally using Android tablets and smartphones
  • Easily enter new observations, traits and images
  • Continuity of data: offline capability and full synchronization with the back end system
  • Significant increase in the amount of collected data and pictures

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Selections and Crosses

  • Support various types of breeding methods, that are suitable to field crops, vegetables and ornamentals
  • Better control over your data with the help of filters and search module
  • Define naming convention for new selections / crosses to be provided automatically by the system
  • Define inheritance for genetic traits to be calculated automatically for new selections / crosses based on their parental data


  • Fully integrated part of the main solution – no import/export of data necessary
  • Enhanced decision support: translate data into smart decisions and better outcomes
  • Create analyses in minutes following a few simple steps, using a rich analytics catalog based on the R Project for Statistical Computing
  • Includes distributions of quantitative and qualitative traits, multivariate analysis, clustering, heat-maps, pedigree overlays with multiple phenotypes (or markers), combining ability, genotype by environment, trait heritability, statistical tests (T test, F test, analysis of variance), correlations and more


  • Run QTL or GWAS analyses using multiple statistical methods with a few mouse clicks and in minutes
  • Find DNA markers affecting your phenotypes
  • Display results graphically and dynamically
  • Compare markers’ effects on phenotypes in different experiments and population types
  • Compare your private data to public domain experiments conducted by academic institutes