Field map visualization tool

Streamline your experimental design and field map visualization with our technology

Introducing PhenomeOne’s Field Map – the solution that simplifies experimental design in breeding. 

Our advanced technology tool enables effortless mapping of breeding plots onto a field’s coordinates, thereby establishing a reliable source. With PhenomeOne, experimental design and randomization are handled accurately, thus ensuring precise coordinates for each plot. 

This allows you to sow seeds and collect data with confidence, knowing that all relevant information is loaded and based on the exact coordinates provided by PhenomeOne. 

Our innovative tool features a user-friendly interface, allowing for easy display of plots from multiple experiments and blocks. The Field Map feature simplifies moving and swapping plots and viewing data for each one. Its intuitive design streamlines the process, so you can focus on what truly matters — your own research. 

Say goodbye to unreliable data and embrace the power of PhenomeOne’s Field Map. 

Additionally, our search function enables you to find fields (together with any observations and selections) utilizing site and location names or other site-related parameters. For example, fields may be searched based on site code, soil type, manager details, and much more.

With PhenomeOne, experimental design and data analysis are simplified, thus providing accurate and reliable data to further your own research.