Achieve your goals with Phenome One

Phenome One assists variety testers across the entire process. It allows testers to easily upload and manage varieties in the system; to design fields, whether for strip or replicated trials.

The PhenomApp mobile application, based on Android, helps variety testers to easily record phenotypes digitally and take pictures. Observation data captured on the mobile device is automatically synchronized with the main system.

Advanced (statistical) analysis finally helps in selecting the best varieties, depending on location and other conditions.

Setting up your Field and Varieties

  • Easily load your varieties
  • Efficiently document traits and observations
  • Design of trials and automatic reports

Collect Observations with PhenomApp

  • Record phenotypes digitally using Android tablets and smartphones
  • Easily enter new observations, traits and images
  • Continuity of data: offline capability and full synchronization with the back end system
  • Significant increase in the amount of collected data and pictures

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  • Fully integrated part of the main solution – no import/export of data necessary
  • Compare varieties among different experiments, locations and years: head to head and genotype by environment analyses.
  • Enhanced decision support: translate data into smart decisions and better outcomes
  • Create analyses in minutes following a few simple steps, using a rich and ever expanding catalog of analyses