Spreadsheets vs Plant Breeding Software: 8 Reasons Why the Latter is Better

People always resist change. Many seed companies used spreadsheets for plant breeding management. Why change or bother to learn new habits? And is the investment in plant breeding software financially justifiable?

As a seed company realizes it has to implement plant breeding software, doubts are raised. Employees and management are immersed in old habits; working with spreadsheets seems to be OK. “Don’t fixed it if it ain’t broke” thinks the company. So why spend money, time and effort on implementing a new plant breeding management system?

Truth to be told, managing breeding on plant breeding software makes sense. Managing breeding in spreadsheet programs like Microsoft Excel doesn’t. Just like you won’t manage the company’s financial data in Excel, breeding data should not be managed in Excel either.

Plant breeding software was purposely designed and developed to support the entire plant breeding process, taking into account all the particular requirements of a breeder, such as standardization, an organized and secure database, easy access to current and historical data, the ability to work in teams, and the growing need for more insight in the wealth of breeding data.

The table below shows how your company would benefit from using plant breeding software and leaving disparate spreadsheets behind. It will do so by going through a detailed comparison of both options.

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