Identify the genetic markers affecting your traits

Phenome One’s revolutionary Genomics module (a.k.a. Unity) uses advanced GWAS and QTL analysis and standardized terminology to identify the genetic markers affecting the traits you are looking for.

The Genomics module allows you to see the big picture, by evaluating marker effects on phenotypes not only in your study but also in different experiments and population types.

Use standardized terminology: connect traits to common ontologies, DNA markers to genetic/physical maps and germplasm to pedigrees and their sources.

In addition, you can compare your private study with hundreds of public genomic (QTL and GWAS) studies from different academic sources that examine data (markers, phenotypes, species) that are relevant to you.

The Genomics Module in a nutshell:

  • Run QTL or GWAS analyses using multiple statistical methods with a few mouse clicks and in minutes
  • Find DNA markers affecting your phenotypes
  • Display results graphically and dynamically
  • Compare markers’ effects on phenotypes in different experiments and population types
  • Compare your private data to public domain experiments conducted by academic institutes

See the Genomics module (Unity) functionality live in action (7 minute video):