Phenome One’s Data Analytics module applies statistical methods and algorithms to assist in translating data generated in breeding programs into smart decisions, using customized statistical analysis, graphic visualization, statistical significance and more.

  • The platform integrates pedigree, genotype and phenotype and a range of statistical methods and visualization kits to query and analyze the data for both breeding and research.
  • Phenome One presents distributions of quantitative and qualitative traits, multivariate analysis, clustering, heat-maps, pedigree overlays with multiple phenotypes (or markers), combining ability, genotype by environment, trait heritability, statistical tests (T test, F test, analysis of variance), correlations and more.
  • Our analytics are based on the R project for statistical computing, providing a rich repertoire of easily invoked tools.
  • The results of each query can be saved and accessed later, promoting collaboration within teams.
  • R developers can write their own analyses as R functions independently from Phenome One and incorporate them into the system to extend its functionality.