The development of highly productive plant varieties is both art and science.

Science helps identify top performing germplasm. Art helps, through visual examination, experience and know-how, to identify top-performing germplasm and select it for further improvement. As this cycle is repeated, varieties begin to emerge and trials are conducted to select the best of the best.

This process can be made more productive and better executed when used together with a leading plant breeding software platform, such as Phenome1, which gives breeders the power to plan and analyze.

Phenome1 gives plant breeders easy access to advanced breeding workflows and experimental and analytical techniques. It is an integrated and comprehensive solution for breeders to store, manage and analyze their data.

Phenome1 implements and supports various processes throughout the breeding cycle. This includes germplasm development and its pedigree relations, managing plant observations, creating and designing fields, creating customized reports, collecting data through mobile devices, defining germplasm naming conventions, defining traits and markers inheritance and applying statistics and data analytics.

Phenome1 is available both on a Software-as-a-Service basis (web-based) and can be installed locally at the breeder’s data center.