“Phenome Networks’ software is used to store breeding data in our company. It helps breeders arrange the data in chosen folders, generate new selections and crosses. Using the PhenomApp we can record genetic material and automatically upload it to the database. The support provided by Phenome Networks is quick and highly professional.”

Hamutal Pompan, Research Project Leader, Origene Seeds

“The Phenome Networks software is being used successfully by Evogene researchers as part of its  platform for breeding enhancement and  phenotypic data analysis. A convenient plug-in mechanism enables implementation of custom made internally developed code. We enjoy a friendly graphical user interface for researchers, as well as professional support for developers”.

Ronny Rechtman, Computational genomics, Evogene

Namdhari Seeds

We have found Phenome Networks’ web based software easily accessible from anywhere & anytime. We have found the interface extremely user friendly, and breeders find it easy to start quickly. Phenome Networks has helped us to make necessary changes as per the requirements of the vegetable breeders as well as field crop breeders.

The mobile application greatly helps the breeders in reducing the time needed to collect data and real time images, and it can be synchronized with the web application quickly. Moreover, it is quick and accurate in tabulating and analyzing the data collected.

We strongly recommend this software for breeders elsewhere. We have found it overall extremely useful!

Dr. N. Anand, Director of Research, Namdhari Seeds, India