Phenome Networks empowers plant breeders through its modern software, bringing advanced workflows, experimental and analytical techniques.

Phenome Networks’ Phenome One platform transforms traditional plant breeding by organizing the wealth of data generated in the plant breeding process. It assists companies and universities in generating better yields, outcomes and plant resilience. Phenome One’s Breeding Process Management module supports all stages of the breeding process, from crossing to selections and evaluations. It provides quick and simple procedures to track and trace data.

PhenomApp is an Android application for collecting plant phenotypes in the field and synchronizing the data to the main system. Phenome One’s Data Analytics module applies statistical methods and algorithms to assist in translating plant observations into smart decisions.

Phenome Networks platform is used by the world’s leading plant breeding companies. Additionally, it is a member of the European Plant Phenotyping Network, provides online courses at North Carolina State University, and its founders lecture at the Plant Breeding Academy at UC Davis.